On a mission to make entrepreneurial learning effective and accessible

Our mission is to unlock entrepreneur’s potential by providing cutting-edge, AI-enabled technology tools and resources for entrepreneurial learning and idea generation. For free.

About StartIQ

StartIQ is backed by Duke University and the Kauffman Foundation

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We have helped many entrepreneurs

Ines Luna

Ines Luna


I’ve been using StartIQ for the past few months and it has been a game changer for my skills. I highly recommend this platform to any entrepreneur looking to improve their ideas and grow their startup.

Sofía Lopera

Sofía Lopera

Ciudad de México

The interactive elements of StartIQ make learning fun and engaging. I have already seen a significant improvement in my skills as a result of using this platform.

Walter Jenkins

Walter Jenkins


This platform has been a lifesaver for me as a new entrepreneur. The resources and tools provided have helped me a lot in my journey. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to take their ideas to the next level.

StartIQ provides assessment, learning, and building tools for aspiring entrepreneurs

Our mission

Help aspiring entrepreneurs around the world improve their skills and move from idea to action

Our values

Empowerment, Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusivity. We provide cutting-edge tools for free. For those that are most in need.

Our story

StartIQ originates from a research project aimed at improving entrepreneurial skills at Duke University, a top U.S. university.

On a mission to make entrepreneurial learning accessible