StartIQ’s value proposition

Assess your entrepreneurial skills, get personalized learning, and turn your ideas into a successful business

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Learning path

Build your business ideas

StartIQ provides a range of tools and products that help you improve your initial ideas and turn them into successful projects.

  • StartIQ guides you to craft successful ideas
  • We use data and analytics to generate customized suggestions
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
Breaking down ideas
Writing down your idea

Learn how startups work

Learn business basics with a novel approach: hundreds of brief, interactive learning modules.

  • Learn business fundamentals in the most efficient way
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn with research-backed, data-driven learning modules

Assess your skills

Our assessments will tell you what your skill set is and the areas you need to work on to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • Based on thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Personalized and adopted to you
  • Understand the skills you need to develop
Evaluating business ideas